Centipedes are arthropods and It is believed that Centipede DNA holds clues into the evolution of life on earth, specifically how life transitioned from the oceans to land. As bug experts we are fascinated by this kind information, but recognize our customers are more interested in how centipedes have moved into their homes. Our pest control technicians are experts at identifying points of entry and can provide effective strategies to eliminate them from your home.

centipede pest control

Size: Range from 1.3 – 4.0 cm in length.

Colour: They are usually gray / yellow with black stripes along the length of their body.

Distinguishing Features: They have two antennae extending from a roundish / flat head.  Their long thin bodies are broken into segments that each support one pair of legs.  Centipedes can grow up to 300 pairs of legs.

The house centipede is the most common centipede in Canada, and is typically found outside and inside homes and buildings. In our homes they are typically found in damp areas – ie: basements, bathrooms, crawl spaces.

Centipedes are a predatory insect and are considered to be beneficial because they feed on spiders and other insects and insect larvae.  They are nocturnal and generally search for food and feed at night time.


Centipedes lay eggs and  batches generally range from 60 – 150 eggs per batch.  When they hatch they have four pairs of legs and as they mature they grow additional body segments and pairs of legs through a process called a molt.  The lifespan of a house centipede ranges from 3 to 7 years.

Centipedes pose few problems to humans and generally help reduce insect populations in our homes.  They do have the ability to bite and because they are venomous their bites can be painful, cause swelling and have been known to produce allergic reactions in some humans.


When necessary, treatment usually involves the use of a residual pesticide to eliminate the centipede infestation in your home.

Cannon Pest Control has years of experience treating and controlling centipedes in a diverse range of building environments.  Your Cannon Pest Management Professional will provide full details on the treatment strategy and any preparation required.