Few species can match the evolutionary success of the Cockroach. They have inhabited the earth for over 3.5 million years and there are over 4500 documented species of Cockroaches. The most common type of Cockroach in the Greater Toronto Area is the German Cockroach. Citron Hygiene Pest Control provides effective treatment strategies for Cockroaches and we are confident that we can eliminate these pests from your home – just don’t ask us to eradicate them from the environment completely because history tells us that they are here to stay, in fact they just might inherit the earth one day.

German Cockroaches

Size: Typically 1 cm – 1.6 cm in length.

Colour: Black and tan.

The German Cockroach is nocturnal, typically hiding during the daytime and searching for food at night. When Cockroaches are visible during the day it usually indicates that populations are high and have exceeded nearby harbourage (shelter) areas. Cockroaches usually gather close to food and moisture and are most commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens.

They prefer to feed on meat, starches and foods that are high in sugar and fat but if these are not readily available they will eat soap, toothpaste and other household items and even each other if no other food sources are present.

German Cockroaches are known to be difficult to control due to their rapid rate of reproduction and the diverse diet they can subsist on. Egg capsules carried by females take 28 days from initial formation until they hatch and each egg capsule contains 30 – 48 nymphs (young insects). Within another 2 weeks another egg capsule will form. It only takes 40 days for a nymph to mature into an adult. Adult cockroaches usually live for one year.

Cockroaches are a public health concern because they contaminate food and spread disease by excreting on areas they walk over – places where food is stored and prepared are particularly vulnerable and attractive to Cockroaches.  In addition, people with Asthma have been known to have reactions to their droppings.

There are two primary treatment strategies used to deal with Cockroach infestations and both require use of pesticides.

  •  Roach Baits– Roach bait (eg: Maxforce Gel) is a stomach poison that that Cockroaches ingest. Roach baits are very effective in controlling and reducing the spread of infestations.  They are safe for infants and pets and no site preparation in the home is required prior to application.  The only drawback with roach baits are that they can take 4-6 weeks to achieve the desired results.
  •  Residual Pesticide Spray – A spray treatment provides fast, effective and desired results are generally achieved within one week. Site preparation is required which involves emptying kitchen and bathroom cupboards and vacating the residence for a minimum of 4-6 hours.

Cannon Pest Control has years of experience treating and controlling Cockroaches in a diverse range of building environments.  Your Cannon Pest Management Professional will provide full details on the treatment strategy and any preparation required.