Customer Preparation Sheet – Bed Bugs Treatment

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Proper site preparation is crucial to ensuring an effective and safe pest control treatment. Prior to our arrival please review and complete the items listed below outlined below. Your cooperation is vital to the success of the treatment and is greatly appreciated. Please read the following carefully and complete the site preparation requirements.

Prior to Treatment

  • Remove all clutter from the premises.
  • Vacuum beds including the mattress crevices, handles, buttons, bed frame, baseboards and objects/flooring close to bed. When complete, carefully discarding the vacuum bag (place in tightly sealed garbage bag before disposal).
  • Remove all clothing from dressers and place in clean plastic bags or plastic totes.
  • Remove all books and personal items from bookshelves, nightstands, dressers or other furniture in the immediate area. Place items in new plastic bags.
  • Move all furniture and items in bags / totes at least 30 cm (12 inches) away from the wall wherever possible to facilitate spraying of the baseboards.
  • Remove all linens from beds / cribs before the pest technician arrives.
  • Take pictures and mirrors off the wall.


  • Place all dirty clothing and bedding in garbage bags (sealed with the top twisted tight) and then empty directly into the washing machine. Discard used garbage bags in tightly sealed new garbage bags.
  • When clean, place clothing / bedding in new clear garbage bags and seal them during the treatment process. The old garbage bags should be discarded inside tightly sealed bags.
  • Put all clean clothes, pillows and stuffed toys in the dryer on high for a minimum of 20 minutes – some clothing may require dry cleaning.
  • Launder all chair covers and throws prior to treatment.

Beds/Baby Cribs

  • All bedding must be removed before the technician arrives.

Disposal of furniture
Discarding beds, bedding, and furniture is NOT a sound approach to bed bug control as they can be easily re-infested. Furniture that is infested with bed bugs that cannot be salvaged needs to be disposed of in a manner that will prevent the further spread of bed bugs. In the process of removing a piece of furniture, bed bugs can escape into hallways and make their way into new apartments spreading the problem to new areas.

If you decide to throw out bed bug infested furniture:

  • Wrap the furniture in plastic, while still in the unit so bed bugs cannot escape.
  • Take apart, deface or damage the piece of furniture and mattresses to ensure it will not be reused.
  • Put in trash shortly before pick-up, so it does not sit for a long time.

Treatment Process

Treatment will vary depending dwelling, the areas where pest activity has been detected and the severity of the infestation. Bed Bugs are elusive and hide in places that are difficult to access therefore Citron Hygiene usually recommends a three-pronged treatment approach that includes steam, diatomaceous earth, a natural silica product that destroys bud bugs by abrasion, and a residual pesticide.

Citron Hygiene strives to minimize the use of pesticides and they are only used in specific locations for specific pests. Your pest control technician will review the treatment strategy with you beforehand and will address any concerns you have.

Allergen Alert!
Some of the products used to treat pests contain allergens such as peanuts and shellfish. Please speak to your pest control technician if you have any questions or concerns.

When Can You Return to Your Home?
Your pest technician will advise you on the specific timeframe required and when it is safe for your family and pets to return. It is common for residents to vacate the home for 4-6 hours after a treatment has been completed and for pregnant women, newborns or people with a heart or lung condition it is often recommended to vacate for 24 hours.

Post Treatment
A follow up service will occur two weeks after the initial treatment. During this time keep personal items, and clothing stored in the plastic bags / totes used for the initial treatment and avoid moving furniture, pictures and mirrors back into the normal positions. Avoid bringing new furniture into the home until the area has been deemed pest free.

Questions / Concerns
Prior to implementation our Pest Control Technicians will review all treatment strategies and will answer any questions you have about your specific pest issue.

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