Customer Preparation Sheet – Rodent Treatment

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Proper site preparation is crucial to ensuring an effective and safe pest control treatment. Prior to our arrival please review and complete the items outlined below. Your cooperation is vital to the success of the treatment and is greatly appreciated.

Prior to Treatment


  • Move or reduce clutter / stored items so that the pest technician can access perimeter areas in attic.


  • Remove items / clutter surrounding electrical panels and HVAC units.


  • Remove all items from bathroom cabinets and vanity drawers.


  • Remove items from upper and lower cupboards – ie: pots, pans, dishes, food items.

Furnace Room

  • Provide access and remove any items that would make it difficult to inspect and / or treat.


  • Remove items blocking access to the inside perimeter walls and move garbage and vehicles prior to inspection.

Treatment Process

Treatment strategies will vary depending on the dwelling and severity of the infestation. The first step our pest technician will take is a thorough inspection of all areas to identify points of entry into your home and to assess locations for rodent activity.

A variety of treatment options are available which include mechanical traps, bait and glue boards. The health and safety of you, your family and pets is a top priority and in the event that a bait is used, it will be used in conjunction with tamper resistant traps.

A follow up visit will be scheduled to determine the effectiveness of the treatment. When the residence is deemed rodent free, our pest technician will remove the traps and bait stations from your home.

Post Treatment

To ensure the treatment is successful please ensure the following.


  • Ensure all food is stored carefully in sealed containers, keep floors and cupboards clean – mop up spills and food droppings.


  • Avoid using other rodent control products in combination with the measures implemented by our technicians as this can often reduce the effectiveness of our treatment program.
  • Avoid moving bait stations and traps from the locations they have been placed in.

Do I Need to Vacate the Home?

For rodent (mice, rats, etc) treatments it is typically not required for humans or pets to leave the home during or after the treatment.

Questions / Concerns

Prior to implementation your pest control technicians will review all treatment strategies and will answer any questions you have about your specific pest issue.

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