Customer Preparation Sheet – Spider Treatment

Proper site preparation is crucial to ensuring an effective and safe pest control treatment. Prior to our arrival please review and complete the items outlined below. Your cooperation is vital to the success of the treatment and is greatly appreciated.

Prior to Treatment

Basement / Main Floor

  • Move all furniture 30 cm (12 inches) from walls to provide access to perimeter of these rooms.
  • Remove items from floors of closets – ie: shoes, boxes.

Exterior of Residence

  • Move all patio furniture, planters and other objects 30 cm (12 inches) away from the exterior of the residence to provide access the outer walls.
  • Clean up leaves, debris and other items / objects from around the outside walls.

Treatment Process

Treatment will vary depending on the dwelling and severity of the infestation. Products used to treat spiders usually include liquid sprays. Health and safety is a top priority and your pest technician will outline the details of the treatment in advance.

Post Treatment

To ensure the treatment is successful please ensure the following:


  • Keep perimeter of residence free from debris, grass clippings, leaves, etc.
  • Clean up any spider or insect remains from treatment.


  • Avoid using other pest control products (sprays or powders) or cleaning products in close proximity to where bait has been placed or this will decrease its effectiveness.
  • Avoid cleaning windowsills and walls around the exterior of the home as the products used to treat spiders have a residual effect. If the window glass needs to be cleaned it can be but exercise caution and use gloves to limit contact to treated areas.

When Can You Return to Your Home?

Your pest technician will advise you on the specific timeframe required and when it is safe for your family and pets to return but the common recommendation is to leave the home for 4 hours.

Questions / Concerns

Prior to implementation our Pest Control Technicians will review all treatment strategies and will answer any questions you have about your specific pest issue.

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